Writing Like a Lawyer

Disposing of the myth that legal writing must be boring.

Emailing as an associate

As a young lawyer or intern, most attorneys will judge your lawyerly skills not by reading your appellate briefs or summary judgment motions—but by reading your emails. A young associate’s life is full of quick-and-dirty assignments. Research questions for partners, summaries of documents—you...


Reprogramming your writing intuition

When I ask judges what frustrates them most about lawyers, the conversation often turns to writing. I hear things like: “they can’t write concisely,” and “why don’t law schools teach them how to write?” Despite endless feedback from judges and others about the sorry state of legal writing, the...


Editing Alchemy

Have you heard the secret to being a brilliant writer? Because there is one. An ancient trick. It’s been used by all the greats, from Aristotle to Stephen King. Use this device, and your writing will improve tenfold overnight. It’s so simple: just edit well. That’s it. Learn to edit well, and...